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Romans 12:6 – 8

God in demonstrating His grace towards us, has blessed each of us with a gift. This gift is not for our self-edification, but first to glorify Him with, and build up the body of Christ (the Church). The members of the church are compared to the members of our bodies. Each member has significance and is important to the whole body functioning as God designed it to function. For that reason, whatever gift you have received from the Lord, use it to advance His Kingdom. There are people who are gifted in keeping a place clean and organized, if that’s you, why don’t you offer up that gift to help maintain God’s sanctuary and buildings of worship? Whatever gift you have, use it for God – we all have a purpose in His Kingdom – don’t think you don’t have one. Also, most importantly, make sure your heart posture is pleasing before God in your service to Him. Remember, worship that God receives is worship rooted in the Spirit and in truth (John 4:23 – 24). When we use our gifts for God, that is a form of worship to Him (it’s not just singing that defines worship to Him), so we must be sure that even in using our gifts for Him that we do it in Spirit and in truth. Our aim should always be to glorify Him, not to receive glory from others in displaying our gifts. What gift has God blessed you with? Are you using it for Him and to bless others? 

I love these verses because Paul is saying every church member’s gift is important as much as every member of the body is important. Stop comparing your gifts to others; it’s truly a waste of time. You have a purpose in life. Lean into God to equip you to live in your purpose/gifting today. 

Dear Father, thank You for giving me a purpose and gift. Help me to not be lazy, but to use my gift to serve You and advance Your Kingdom on earth. Help me to remember that my gift is important in Your eyes and to not waste it or compare it to others’. In Jesus’ name I pray, amen!