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1 Kings 17
I absolutely love this chapter because it shows God’s manner of provision for His servants. God not only commanded birds to deliver bread to Elijah to sustain him, but He also directed a woman with the little that she had to feed Elijah, which turned to be for the blessing of her whole household (Luke 6:38). There are a few points I’d like to bring to your attention, the obedience of Elijah, God making His creation and creatures provide for Elijah and this God that worked in such a way for Elijah then, will do the same for us now if we would just surrender to him totally.
Not once, but twice, God directed Elijah to go to Kerinth then Zarephath, and without discussion, Elijah got up and went. This is super blessed because it goes to show that Elijah knows God’s voice and trusts Him enough to do exactly as He tells him to (Exodus 19:5Isaiah 1:19Jeremiah 7:23). How many of us can say we don’t doubt when we hear from God? How many of us can say that when we know for sure that we’ve heard from God, that we obey Him? Next, the beauty in obeying Him is that He directs His creation to take care of you, His created.
Do you guys see? Read verses 2 – 6, please. God directed ravens to supply Elijah with bread and meat in the morning AND evening. Fun fact: Ravens have long been recognized as the most intelligent bird and scavengers – carrying a contradictory image of life and death (  Or have you ever experienced someone telling you God placed it on their heart to give you something that would tremendously help you? Like God don’t play. You do as He says and He will do more than you could have ever imagined (Ephesians 3:20-21). Just be sure it’s God’s direction you’re following. But you know what, if it’s not God’s direction, even though you don’t recognize it immediately, you WILL recognize it eventually – let’s just hope it’s not too late by then.
Last and certainly not least, the same way that God provided for Elijah is the same way He’s willing to bless you and me today. This God tells us not to worry because if He provides food for the sparrow to eat, how much more will He do for us who were made in His image (Matthew 6:25-34). I know, I know. To say “don’t worry” is easier said than done, but sometimes it’s a matter of us strengthening our trust in the Almighty God. We often forget He is the same God that made the heavens and earth in six days. There’s nothing He can’t do for us, or wouldn’t be willing to give us if we ask with a pure heart and believe that He will do it (Jeremiah 32:27James 1:5-6). He is the same God yesterday, today and tomorrow (Ps 90:2104:24-27Malachi 3:6aHeb 13:8James 1:17). Why wouldn’t we put our complete trust in Him? *insert crying emoji* Releasing control is hard for us as humans, but in the end, we will reap the ultimate blessing when we surrender ourselves to His will and trust in His promises revealed in His Word.
Dear Father, thank You for who You are. I praise Your name because You always remain the same God. Help me to recognize Your voice when You speak. Fill me with your Holy Spirit, that I may obey You when You speak to me. Please help me to stay focused on developing my relationship with You so that my trust in You grows stronger daily. Thank You in advance for the blessings You’re about to pour over my life. In Jesus’ name I pray, amen!