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I grew up in a Christian household, my father is a Pastor and my mom is the First Lady of our church. As you can imagine, the pressure to be an upright individual was REAL from an early age. I served God and the church because that’s what I was brought up to do, but the words “delight in the Lord” didn’t become a reality to me until I began building a relationship with God on my own (during my college years). I had been praying to love God sincerely and seek Him with all of me for WHO He is, not what He can give me. I desired pure motives in my communion with God. In searching for Him, I’ve come to know His character and what it means to have joy through the good and the bad. I’ve felt this love that God has for me that cannot be taken away from me (Romans 8:38-39) AND this love He has for you too!

 I pray you come to a better understanding of the love of God through the devotions I share here. Thank you in advance for your support. I pray the content on my site blesses you. Looking forward to enjoying this Christian walk together!